Dumfries and Galloway Railway

Dumfries and Galloway Railway

Connect Dumfries & Galloway and boost economic and social growth

The Dumfries and Galloway Railway aims to connect the largest towns in D&G, along with smaller communities along the route. This would improve public transport provision in the southwest region and reduce road traffic along the A75. There is currently no rail service that runs east-west in D&G meaning that all travel must be made by road. A D&G Railway would connect communities (not least with the administrative centre in Dumfries) and boost the local economy.

A suitable route could be established by reinstating the dismantled line between Stranraer and Dumfries, via Newton Stewart and Castle Douglas. Services could then continue onward to Gretna Green and possibly Carlisle. This would connect around 84,700 along the route, not including Carlisle.

Such a railway line, along with possible branch lines, would provide inter-connectivity to the rural communities of D&G and facilitate economic growth in the region.

Category Investment

Date 2 December 2017

Submitted by Kyle Arnot