Dumfries to Edinburgh Direct Rail Link

Dumfries to Edinburgh Direct Rail Link

Provide a sustainable transport link to the capital from Dumfries

The population of Dumfries has no direct rail line to Edinburgh. The town lacks a lot of cultural facilities. The population of Dumfries currently have to either undertake a long laborious bus journey or make travel arrangements to get to Lockerbie to get a direct train. On returning to Lockerbie ,taxi services /public transport to return to Dumfries are very limited. Parking at Lockerbie is very limited.

Giving a substantial rural community direct rail access to Edinburgh would afford the population of Dumfries the ability to experience the culture of Scotland’s Capital city . If the capital city were more accessible, this would be a major benefit to all sections of the community, for education, work , leisure and business . It requires only thirteen miles of track to link Dumfries to Edinburgh

Category Investment

Date 2 December 2017

Submitted by Christine Barbour