Put St. Andrews Back on Track

Put St. Andrews Back on Track

Reconnect St. Andrews with Scotland’s rail network

Since the closure of the branch line in 1969 the Oxbridge/Canterbury/Wimbledon of Scotland has been only accessible by road. Its two main industries, Scotland’s oldest university and tourism, depend upon large numbers of people travelling to the town, a prime destination for leisure and commuting, yet because most choose to reach St Andrews by private car rather than bus, the town is swamped by cars, including parked cars and cars circling round the town searching for parking places, all pumping out noxious emissions and producing harmful ‘Oslo effect’ particles, so much so that there is a danger of destroying the town’s attraction for visitors. A 5-mile railway aligned to permit direct services to Edinburgh and Dundee would help to alleviate this damage, as well as boosting the Fife and Tayside economies by improving connectivity.

Category Investment

Date 2 December 2017

Submitted by StARLink (St. Andrews Rail Link) Campaign