Scottish Public Transport Rewards Scheme

Scottish Public Transport Rewards Scheme

Incentivise public transport by rewarding those choosing to travel sustainably

My idea is a reward points scheme integrated between public transport throughout the whole of Scotland (bus/train/subway/tram). It would be valid for people using Smart Ticketing only, encouraging people to turn to e-ticketing methods rather than paperback, increasing efficiency and would promote environmentally friendly travel. The number of points and how they are calculated based on the journey would be devised by the government, but in essence, they would be gained through the journey being undertaken, by ‘tapping in and out’ at both the origin and destination, with all the points you accumulate being automatically logged on your account after each journey on the given website, where you can then opt to exchange them for various benefits such as reduced fares, or first class upgrades etc.

This idea is a simple and effective method to not only entice people onto public transport but to promote the usage of e-ticketing throughout Scotland as well as to integrate all forms of public transport throughout the country under one single government entity. I believe this could also help with pressures to reduce rail and bus fares also, given the ever-rising rates year on year putting increasing pressure on passengers to dig into their pockets – thus a reward scheme would be seen as a way to give back to the public their loyalty to Scotland’s transport system. The best part of all is that this idea can be easily evolved and developed when it comes to the potential rewards points can be exchanged for.

It’s a simple and effective idea that implements solutions to a number of problems which face our railways and maximises the financial benefit to passengers on the go. The benefits and ideas that could be further evolved from this would ensure Scotland is leading the way by developing a world class transport System fit for the 21st century.

Category Investment

Date 2 December 2017

Submitted by Liam Hendry